If your upbringing was anything like mine, you were raised to be humble. You were raised to believe that modesty is a virtue, that pride is one of the seven deadly sins. And then you were told to go out into a world where your ability to sell yourself and your talents determines your success in everything from college admissions essays to job interviews and even dating. Hooray for conflicting life lessons! But if your upbringing was anything like mine, that also means you know how awkward it was for me to sit down and write this “About Me” page. Even as a writer. But here it is!

Hello, everyone, and welcome to my website! Let’s start with the basics.

My name is Ana Quinata and I am a writer based out of Fresno County, California. I was born in West Germany back when there was an East and a West Germany separated by this thing called the Berlin Wall to a Chamorro father and Mexican mother. (Only a few sentences in and you already know this is going to get complex. Simple explanation: military.) I moved to America as a toddler and was raised between several of the United States and South Korea before attending university in Hawai’i. All these cultures have had a profound impact on me as a person as well as on my writing projects, some of which can be found here on my website.

The end of my marriage at twenty-five was the start of a life I hadn’t previously imagined. With very little to lose, I threw my hat in the ring of several screenwriting competitions with my television limited series pilot, “The Abandoned Isle”. To my surprise, it was met with positive reviews advancing, placing in, and even winning some contests starting in December of 2016. Turns out there were some people in the world who think I have a knack for this.

But that’s not where I allowed my creativity to stop. I bought my first DSLR to gain a greater understanding of what it is like to be behind a camera. This was parlayed to freelance work as a photographer and videographer and a job as a social media manager. I am learning all the time and meet the most incredible people through my work. And I love it.

As the child of immigrant parents, the idea of a life where creating was a legitimate career choice was simply unrealistic – a dream. So, to everyone who reads my work, watches my videos, or appreciates my photography, know how thankful I am for you – how humbled I am by you – for bringing me closer to my dream every day.