What I'm Reading: Ask and It Is Given

One of my favorite YouTubers, Leeor Alexandra, lists Ask and It Is Given as one of the books that changed her life and I'm sure she isn't the only practitioner of the Law of Attraction to have it on their shelf. To keep with my pattern of fiction to non-fiction and back around, I purchased this one to start after I completed Victoria by Daisy Goodwin. 

I will concede that the first half of the book thus far comes off as repetitive, reiterating several key points again and again but I'm confident the reason behind this is to make sure the basis of the Law of Attraction truly sinks in before diving into the process to aid in your manifesting. Or as it's put in the text, to help you remember what you've forgotten. 

From what I have read, I do find something to be considered in that regard. When we were children, all things were possible until we were told otherwise which is ultimately contradictory to what is preached to us during those same years. Talk about confusing. We can be anything we want even president of the United States and do anything we want to do like create worlds on paper or on the walls of our home but chances are your parents were not too pleased if you used crayons or markers with the latter as your canvas. In the blink of an eye, we usually go from having the world as our oyster to being told to be reasonable, practical, realistic. The majority of children find their creativity extinguished or as Sir Ken Robinson said in a 2006 TED Talk, "we get educated out of it". I can recall an art teacher when I was in elementary school who literally instituted a rule in her classroom that we were not to attempt a straight line without a ruler. IN ART CLASS. I only wish I were kidding. And if we are to be the deliberate creators of our lives and we are following the rules other people have established for us, therefore depriving us of our creative confidence, it's no wonder so many of us experience incredible dissatisfaction with the results. 

Have you read Ask and It Is Given? What were your thoughts on the book? Let me know in the comments below and let me know if you have any other recommendations on the Law of Attraction or personal growth. 

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