Music Video Treatment: Start a Clean Slate

Indo’s remix to Beta State’s original track, “Start a Clean Slate”, is infectious, upbeat, difficult not to sing along with once you know the words - in short - it’s fun! That’s why the music video should be just that. I’d play this on my Beats when I was cleaning to energize myself for the tasks at hand that would end up taking much longer because I would end up dancing around the house more so than actually clean. But I believe, at the time of its release in 2013, Indo’s remix was also ahead of its time. With all of the EDM collabs out there now with mainstream hip-hop and pop music, I think you’ll thoroughly enjoy this track if that type of music is your jam in the first place. I would even go as far to say that I prefer this version because the vocals are not competing with the guitar as they were in the original. There, I said it.

Since this song is so high-energy, my ideal music video for this track would be simply done in a “dance like no one’s watching” sort of way. Models dressed casually against a white background posing for a photographer who pulls up “Start a Clean Slate” as his mood music of choice before being overcome by the need to really move with a bit of color thrown in. Literally.

I wanted to share this music video treatment because I think it’s important to know that while high-concept is frequently tempting to envision and write about, it isn’t always necessary to create a work that resonates with an audience. Even just the mention of this video to friends of mine asking me where I wanted to do this and when they could participate in the filming of it. Had this been an upcoming Beta State release, I might have already filmed it or been in the process but as this is an older song, I put it to paper for the same reason I still listen to it after a couple years have passed since I first heard it - it’s fun.

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Let me know in the comments: Would you want to make a video like the one described in the treatment? What song always makes you want to dance?