Photography Challenge: Week Two

It didn’t take me very long to decide on how I would complete Week 2 of the Dogwood 52 Week Photography Challenge after I saw what the focuses were: (1) the Rule of Thirds and (2) motion.

52WC Week 02 Blog-2.jpg

Do you know who is always in motion? Small children.
How many small children do I know that love being on camera? Three.

Initially, I had intended to execute a single shot with the use of a step stool and a set of swings at the neighborhood park with the girls. Last Saturday was a beautiful sunny day here in Central California after nearly an entire week of rain. They get outside, we spend quality time together, and I know this week off my list. But again:

Who is always in motion? Small children.
How many small children were at the park? A lot more than the three I brought.
Challenging? Yep.

While we were at the park, I stuck with my 50mm STM f/1.8 lens (also known as a nifty fifty) on my Canon T6i. I personally love the bokeh that an f/1.8 can achieve and had hoped that with all those munchkins running around, it would help me to focus on the Minis. The other struggle? Applying the Rule of Thirds to said Minis.

So, what is the “Rule of Thirds”? The rule of thirds is the visual principle that our eyes tend to break up images into a three by three grid and focus on the points of those invisible lines of that grid. This applied to not only photography but also movies and videos in general. Ever wonder why an image completely centered in the frame doesn’t look quite right when you see it? That’s because it violates the Rule of Thirds thus feels disorienting.

Let’s factor in the final complication and the reason why this blog post and photos are late: the day job. This past week, I worked up to thirteen hours a day for four days out of the week. To edit, I turned to an SD card reader for my iPhone and used the app Camera360. Having these at my disposal allowed me to make the most of my lunch break and edit when I could. Camera360 is free to download on the App Store if you are not subscribed to the Adobe Creative Cloud to use the mobile version of Lightroom.

Am I exhausted? Sure am. But I am proud of myself that despite all the challenges the second week of the challenge had for me, I completed it.

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