Battling Anxiety, Bit By Bit

For those of you who are new to my blog or who have just recently started following me on social media, you may not be aware of my struggles with perfectionism (you can ready my blog post on that by clicking HERE), depression, and anxiety. I want to start this post by saying that I am far better than I used to be so for anyone battling similar issues, it is possible to heal, albeit slowly. I also want you to know that it is perfectly normal to encounter some relapses or flare-ups as you do. I experienced one myself just last week – and am still feeling its effects.

What do I mean by a “flare-up”? What was I feeling?

Well, this particular instance was/is an anxiety flare-up, meaning that I was extremely tense and nervous, overthinking things completely out of my control, which made my heart feel as if it was going to beat its way out of my chest, and drained me of all my energy. For me, it started when I began to worry about an employment situation and how that might affect other areas of my life – and it snowballed. I mean, snowballed. I am surprised I managed to avoid crying for the remainder of my shift. When I got home, I was not a productive person. Let us just say that. I showered and went to sleep early.

The next day, I tried to remedy my situation by meditating and editing an InstaStory video for Republik. That helped. A bit.

Then I talked to a couple close friends on the phone or through text message. That helped. A bit.

Then I spent time with people I care about – and that is where I could feel the effects of my anxiety on my in-person interactions. Do not get me wrong. Spending time outside my place of work or home with other human beings I actually like did help. A bit. However, initiating conversation was embarrassing. I would try to talk about topics that lead nowhere to avoid conversation topics I felt like I could not handle in that moment because they could potentially lead to the subjects I was stressing about. *FACE PALM* Thus, the time I spent with those people was, in a way, tainted. And that really frustrated me. It still kind of does days later.

The next day, I hit the ground running. I did laundry, I did a bit of meal prep, I cleaned, I set aside my clothes for the week ahead, and edited another promo video. That helped. A bit.

Some of you may be thinking “Wow. This is really a downer of a post.” Because I keep saying things helped “a bit” and am not offering any instant solution to solve the flare-up I had that would be like flipping a switch. That’s because there isn’t one. Coming back to center is a process with every step you take to get there bringing you closer. In monitoring what those things are, you are aware of what you can do in future should it happen again to stop it before it gets out of hand or heal afterward. Be patient with yourself and others as you go.

And know: You are not alone.

Have you ever experienced anxiety? What tips and tricks do you recommend? Leave them in the comments below!