52 Week Photography Challenge

I have been very fortunate to become part of a community of creatives here in Fresno County from musicians and DJs to filmmakers and photographers. One of those photographers, one who has arguably pushed me and encouraged me the most in my own journey behind the camera, Malachi Salado aka OG Atmos, sent me an email last week with a single link in the message. That link was to the Dogwood Photography 52 Week Photography Challenge for 2019 posted on Petapixel. My response was a text: “Let’s do it together.”

As laid out in the challenge which you can find by clicking HERE, each week will have a different assignment focused on (1) storytelling, (2) composition, (3) inspiration – or a combination of the three, really! Personally, I find myself not consciously thinking about these elements in every shoot. Sometimes I just shoot what feels right at the moment. Sometimes I love the results. Sometimes I’m editing in Lightroom and say to myself, “What in the blue blazes was I thinking?”. (I wasn’t.) The fact that this challenge forces you our of “point and shoot” and back into the basic foundations of photography is something I appreciate. Sort of an informal formal education I didn’t get – that’s free.

And not only will doing this challenge test our skills and creativity, but it’s also a great way for us to spend time together and bond over a shared interest. Now, I want to know who is down to participate in the 52 Week Photography Challenge with us! If you plan on being a part of it and live in the Central Valley or in the Bay Area, drop your social media accounts in the comments below so we can follow and support one another and maybe even network to tackle some of these challenges together!

Happy shooting, everyone!

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