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Allow Yourself to Be Many, Many Things

While promoting her new film, “Booksmart” at the Bumble SXSW Hive last month, director Olivia Wilde said something brilliant. Even as I sit here now typing her quote for you to read, I can feel the tug at my heartstrings. Not only because I have been on the receiving end of similar criticisms. Not only because I have jumped to similar judgments of my fellow women.

But largely because I have definitely done it to myself.

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Let's Talk About Lips

In the age of social media, comparison – particularly when it comes to appearance or beauty standards – is a constant issue. Instagramers look bloody perfect. Highlight is popping, brows are amazing, holy contour. Hey, I edit my photos, too. And there are previous posts where I know full well now that I overdid it and look like an alien.

But let’s talk about lips.

Really. That’s what I want to talk about.

I have a point, I promise.

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Comparing Yourself To Other Creatives

Recently, I caught myself doing something I am not particularly proud of: comparing myself to another person in the field of videography and filmmaking. Granted, I have enough self-awareness not to put myself alongside, say, Peter McKinnon, who has been at this game for years but I still feel I was unfair to myself nonetheless. Let me explain.

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A Gift To Myself For My 29th Birthday

Yesterday the first day of the last year of my twenties. Even though I have done a birthday photoshoot and filmed the Q & A (click HERE to watch that), it still hasn’t fully sunk in. There are some things in my personal life that I’m working through at this time which I’m sure has a lot to do with it but I wanted to take this opportunity to talk to you all about expectations, specifically the ones you have for yourself because if you’re like me and take measure of your life when you blow out candles, I want you to know that you’re not alone. And to remind you (and myself) that a lot can happen in a year.

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