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Monthly Wrap-Up: March 2018

Over the last month, I have worked so much overtime at my day job. Unexpectedly. Which truly was upsetting to me at first because I had this entire planned schedule that included time slots for writing, reading, blogging, going to the gym - all the things I enjoy doing - because I was supposed to be back to my regular work schedule. That didn’t happen.

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Monthly Wrap-Up: February 2018

Hello, everyone! Just wanted to do a brief wrap-up for the month of February. I’m still working out f how I’d like this to be moving forward but I figured we’d give it a try and see how it evolves over time.

At the beginning of the year, I had set a goal for myself to reach 80,000 words in my first novel by February 28th. Essentially it would be my first draft of the book and it seemed to be an attainable goal considering I had at that point managed to write 35,000. If I kept on track with how much I was writing, cake. What I failed to take into account was the amount of overtime I was required to work at my day job for a few weeks straight.

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