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How 2018 Could Be A Turning Point For Diversity In Film

When “Black Panther” was released into theaters earlier this year and a significant amount of my money released from my wallet as a result of my frequent trips to the multiplex to see it, there was also a considerable – albeit slightly unexpected – level of backlash regarding the cast. At least it was unexpected to me. The questions that were raised: Why is the cast all black? Where are the Latino superheroes? Where are the Asian superheroes? Oh, boy. Let’s get into this, shall we?

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What I'm Watching: Black Panther

Whenever I heard someone say how excited they were for “Black Panther” because it looked cool, I was quick to reply with “I’m excited about this movie because of how important it is,” which usually got a perplexed look in response. Now, I will not claim to have read the comic books but basic knowledge of the character, his world, and the time he was introduced in the Marvel Universe meant I knew without having picked up a single issue that the Black Panther was revolutionary. A black African warrior royal from the most technologically advanced country in the world came into being in the 1960s – hence his moniker – presenting a much different picture of the continent than was known at that time and arguably still imagined by even those who sit in the highest seats of government today.

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