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Why I Will Always Cheer For Hawai'i

The University of Hawai’i was my first choice school. It was the only college outside of the Marianas that had Chamorro language courses, it offered multiple majors I was interested, and with the Western Undergraduate Exchange at the time, I wouldn’t cost as much as some other “out of state” schools might have. I have family members that live on Oahu and really, who wouldn’t want to go to school in paradise if they could?

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Going Back to School at Twenty-Eight

This semester is the first time in six years that I am taking any post-secondary school courses after receiving my Associate of Arts in North Carolina in 2012 but with a dash of my time at the University of Hawai'i thrown in because I'm working full-time. I am fortunate in that my job pays for tuition but because of my work schedule, the number of classes I am able to take at once is rather limited. However, that may be for the best. Taking six credits should allow me to get back into the groove of being in school and since it has been several years, I will need that transition time. It has taken me a while to come to the decision to go back to school after several disheartening attempts since moving back to California - really since moving back to the mainland United States.

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