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Not Just Asian In August: Contemporary Movies Can Be #AsianAllTheTime

I was slightly aback was a question asked by a friend of mine asked me over the phone: “Did you like ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ because it was a good movie, or did you like it because you’re Asian?” Wait. What?

What does being Asian have to do with whether I enjoyed watching the film?

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What I'm Watching: Crazy Rich Asians

To say I was excited about “Crazy Rich Asians” would be putting it mildly. For evidence, see my Twitter feed. However, it is in instances such as these when great anticipation risks being met with greater dissatisfaction. Especially when you consider enough time has passed for an entire generation to be born and raised for an entirely Asian cast after "Joy Luck Club" in 1993. Talk about pressure. But after catching an early screening this week, I am happy to say that this is not one of those times.

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How 2018 Could Be A Turning Point For Diversity In Film

When “Black Panther” was released into theaters earlier this year and a significant amount of my money released from my wallet as a result of my frequent trips to the multiplex to see it, there was also a considerable – albeit slightly unexpected – level of backlash regarding the cast. At least it was unexpected to me. The questions that were raised: Why is the cast all black? Where are the Latino superheroes? Where are the Asian superheroes? Oh, boy. Let’s get into this, shall we?

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What I'm Watching: Black Panther

Whenever I heard someone say how excited they were for “Black Panther” because it looked cool, I was quick to reply with “I’m excited about this movie because of how important it is,” which usually got a perplexed look in response. Now, I will not claim to have read the comic books but basic knowledge of the character, his world, and the time he was introduced in the Marvel Universe meant I knew without having picked up a single issue that the Black Panther was revolutionary. A black African warrior royal from the most technologically advanced country in the world came into being in the 1960s – hence his moniker – presenting a much different picture of the continent than was known at that time and arguably still imagined by even those who sit in the highest seats of government today.

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What I'm Watching: Jane The Virgin

Truth be told, it took me a little while to get onboard with this show because I was on a sci-fi/fantasy kick for a while watching Harry Potter on repeat, Game of Thrones, and Doctor Who. All of which I still love and get excited every time anyone makes mention of any of the three - and learning that someone in my life doesn't like them makes me question their standing in it. It's one of the reasons my relationship with my mother can be fragile. But after I finally listened to my older sister and sat down to watch it, I was hooked. And I'm going to tell you why. Of course. 

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