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Comparing Yourself To Other Creatives

Recently, I caught myself doing something I am not particularly proud of: comparing myself to another person in the field of videography and filmmaking. Granted, I have enough self-awareness not to put myself alongside, say, Peter McKinnon, who has been at this game for years but I still feel I was unfair to myself nonetheless. Let me explain.

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Multiple Projects or Single Focus?

For argument’s sake, let’s say that you focus solely on one screenplay. You put all of your time, energy, and creativity into one singular film idea - and it happens to get picked up by the studio you want to work with who can get you the director you’d love to see bring it to life with your dream cast, production has started, the whole nine. There will still be the question of “What else are you working on?” Oh, crap. In all likelihood, they don’t expect you to hand over a perfect feature film script right that moment but the recommended number of completed scripts agents require to even entertain a new writer is at least three.

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Why I'm Not Moving to Los Angeles

Because I had agreed to get on board with the aforementioned television show and decided to seize the opportunities within my reach, I also decided to buy into the idea that in order to be successful in film and/or television, you have to live and work in Los Angeles. Now, I do want to be clear that not everyone who has been encouraging to me and my creative endeavors has touted this idea and those who did, I believe, were well-intentioned. However, I had heard it enough from people around me and the myriad of professionals sharing their knowledge online: “If you really want it, you have to live here.” And I do. I do want it. But...

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