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What I'm Watching: Crazy Rich Asians

To say I was excited about “Crazy Rich Asians” would be putting it mildly. For evidence, see my Twitter feed. However, it is in instances such as these when great anticipation risks being met with greater dissatisfaction. Especially when you consider enough time has passed for an entire generation to be born and raised for an entirely Asian cast after "Joy Luck Club" in 1993. Talk about pressure. But after catching an early screening this week, I am happy to say that this is not one of those times.

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The Stories Behind My Tattoos

In a recent post, I talked about a tattoo I have on my hand and how it helped bring me closer back to my “center”. If you haven’t read that post you can click HERE to check that out before reading on. I decided that I would share more with you about that particular tattoo and the other ones I have. Let’s get to it! In chronological order. Did you really think it was going to go any other way with me?

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