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What I'm Reading: The Four Agreements

The first time I read “The Four Agreements” was a few years ago. I don’t remember exactly when I picked it up or why but given the general time frame, I was most likely searching for some kind of wisdom or knowledge - searching for some answers. I’m discovering as of late that there are occasions which you go searching for answers and are not where you should be to receive them. Think of it like when you tell someone to meet you at a certain spot and when they don’t show up in the exact moment you expected them to, you wander off and then they show up at the designated spot and they go off looking for you and it continues. Granted, these instances are fewer now that we have cell phones but for those that recall the home phone struggle, you know. Anyway, I’m sure the reason Don Miguel Ruiz’s book didn’t resonate as much with me before as it has in a second reading and heaving highlighting. Seriously, the number of Post-Its in this thing.

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What I'm Reading: Ask and It Is Given

One of my favorite YouTubers, Leeor Alexandra, lists Ask and It Is Given as one of the books that changed her life and I'm sure she isn't the only practitioner of the Law of Attraction to have it on their shelf. To keep with my pattern of fiction to non-fiction and back around, I purchased this one to start after I completed Victoria by Daisy Goodwin. 

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