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Biba Guahan: Prologue & Chapter One

About a week ago, I asked in a poll on my Instagram whether or not my followers would like to read sample chapters of a work in progress in the same way George R.R. Martin teases all of us with spinets from his latest volume of A Song of Ice and Fire. (Still waiting on Winds of Winter, George. Still waiting.) Everyone who voted said, "Yes." So, here we are. 

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Finding Ideas and Inspiration

One of my creative writing instructors in college asked us to pull out a piece of paper at the beginning of class and write down people or events in our lives that we believed to be remarkable. Me being me, I asked how we were to define what was or was not “remarkable”. And of course, the response I received was that it was up to me. But for the sake of being less argumentative than I might have been at that time, the Oxford Living Dictionary defines remarkable as “worthy of attention”. Ask yourself which ones you talk about most - or which ones you don’t. Where do you put your attention?

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Multiple Projects or Single Focus?

For argument’s sake, let’s say that you focus solely on one screenplay. You put all of your time, energy, and creativity into one singular film idea - and it happens to get picked up by the studio you want to work with who can get you the director you’d love to see bring it to life with your dream cast, production has started, the whole nine. There will still be the question of “What else are you working on?” Oh, crap. In all likelihood, they don’t expect you to hand over a perfect feature film script right that moment but the recommended number of completed scripts agents require to even entertain a new writer is at least three.

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Music Video Treatment: Start a Clean Slate

Indo’s remix to Beta State’s original track, “Start a Clean Slate”, is infectious, upbeat, difficult not to sing along with once you know the words - in short - it’s fun! That’s why the music video should be just that. I’d play this on my Beats when I was cleaning to energize myself for the tasks at hand that would end up taking much longer because I would end up dancing around the house more so than actually clean. But I believe, at the time of its release in 2013, Indo’s remix was also ahead of its time. With all of the EDM collabs out there now with mainstream hip-hop and pop music, I think you’ll thoroughly enjoy this track if that type of music is your jam in the first place. I would even go as far to say that I prefer this version because the vocals are not competing with the guitar as they were in the original. There, I said it.

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Control and Collaboration in the Arts

As a person who writes movies and television scripts, I look at a film or a show differently from say, my mom or my sister, in the way that my brother who is a musician listens to a song. I see action lines, scene headings, look for character arcs, and cringe at on the nose dialogue. And as someone who is only recently learning that I cannot control everything (nor do I need to), I got to be very precious about my work, believe, perhaps correctly or incorrectly, that no one would be able to properly convey what I had in my mind and put on the page on to the screen. Therefore, I would have to write, cast, produce, direct, edit, and promote all of my projects on my own and breathe somewhere in the moments in between. That was the only logical answer.

But that’s just ridiculous.

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Music Video Treatment: Treat You Better Ashworth Remix

The first time I heard this song, it was a suggested track on Spotify from a playlist of songs I want to write treatments for which includes the original version of Treat You Better by Shawn Mendes. What struck me about this version was how different a story came to mind for me in comparison to the one I had for the original. Not that it didn't essentially have the same theme of one potential partner being a better match for the singer's object of affection or that the tempo didn't suggest a dance video. Rather what I could not get out of my head was essentially remixing the remix. 

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