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Photography Challenge: Week One

Let’s travel back in time to the age before the internet when singles adverts were placed in newspapers. Like Tinder but without pictures. How would you describe yourself? It was by asking myself this question that I came up with the idea to do a panorama of my room. To accomplish this, multiple photographs had to be taken and merged in editing. And my dogs had to stay still.

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Challenge Yourself w/ Your Camera

When I purchased my Canon T6i last year, I bought it to gain experience behind the camera so that I might improve my writing for the screen. I hadn’t imagined at the time that anyone might ask me to create videos for them when I didn’t have the aforementioned experience under my belt. Happily, I was asked, which then pushed me right into learning with a goal in mind. A very specific goal given the nightlife scene: It’s lit.

The problem with that is you can unintentionally put yourself in a box you never meant to construct by limiting your scope and over time, your work can feel – and look – redundant.

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Music Video Treatment: There's Nothing Holdin' Me Back

While summer does not officially begin for another two weeks, here in the Valley, we are already feeling the heat every day. Unless you are like me with your desk at work directly underneath an air conditioning vent and you turn into a popsicle for eight hours. It’s not all it’s cracked up to be. On the plus side, I do get out of work at my day job much earlier on in the day during the summer which means I can do things like head out to Art Hop with my camera like I will be doing later today. A friend of mine sent me a few tracks to play with for a video so once I have that ready, I will be posting on the site. For now, I wanted to share another music video treatment with you all how and Art Hop was a huge inspiration for it.

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Music Video Treatment: Start a Clean Slate

Indo’s remix to Beta State’s original track, “Start a Clean Slate”, is infectious, upbeat, difficult not to sing along with once you know the words - in short - it’s fun! That’s why the music video should be just that. I’d play this on my Beats when I was cleaning to energize myself for the tasks at hand that would end up taking much longer because I would end up dancing around the house more so than actually clean. But I believe, at the time of its release in 2013, Indo’s remix was also ahead of its time. With all of the EDM collabs out there now with mainstream hip-hop and pop music, I think you’ll thoroughly enjoy this track if that type of music is your jam in the first place. I would even go as far to say that I prefer this version because the vocals are not competing with the guitar as they were in the original. There, I said it.

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Contest Notes Review, Part I

Other people need to read your work in order for you to improve. You know this. But maybe you’re nervous to share your writing with someone you know personally (I’ve definitely been there) because you don't think they'll support your creative endeavors or maybe you’re nervous that someone you know personally won’t be completely honest about what they think of your writing because they love you so much. It’s not a bad thing that they love you, it’s just not exactly helpful if you’re trying to grow. You know what is? Script notes. Having submitted to several contests in the past, I’d like to share my feedback experiences with you so you can decide whether or not you’d like to add notes to your entry.

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