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Multiple Projects or Single Focus?

For argument’s sake, let’s say that you focus solely on one screenplay. You put all of your time, energy, and creativity into one singular film idea - and it happens to get picked up by the studio you want to work with who can get you the director you’d love to see bring it to life with your dream cast, production has started, the whole nine. There will still be the question of “What else are you working on?” Oh, crap. In all likelihood, they don’t expect you to hand over a perfect feature film script right that moment but the recommended number of completed scripts agents require to even entertain a new writer is at least three.

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Done Is Better Than Perfect

As someone who has struggled with perfectionism for years, I understand how strange “done is better than perfect” can sound but we’ll delve more into why that was the case for me at a later time. For now, I’ll put it to my fellow perfectionists this way: Is it better to turn in an assignment that isn’t “perfect” on time and receive some points toward your grade or to not turn an assignment at all and receive a goose egg? I should think the answer is pretty obvious.

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